hackathon about annoying sound machine robots

We took part in the annual "Umma Huesla"-hackathon in Dornbirn (AU) for a second time. This time the hackathon took place on a ship, travelling between different harbors on Lake Constance.

Since the ship was a steel ship, and hardware projects had been rather rare at the hackathon the year before, we decided, that we really want to change this.


We brought a car full of motors and stuff that can make noise in order to use the boat with all its metal parts and hardware as an instrument.

In the two days we developed small robots that could be attached to different parts of the ship or other objects. They would knock, hammer or vibrate distracting everyone from their work (which was great fun).


Every unit had some sort of motor attached and was running off and ESP-Wifi-Chip. I developed an interface that made it possible to orchestrate the small robots in the music performance software "Ableton Live" and trigger events via Websockets.

![/1805-umma-huesla/DSC05299.jpg](umma huesla)

Using a music-software also made it possible to use other (real) software- and hardware-instruments to combine them into a really (crappy) band.

Project partners: Ludwig Rensch

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