I mainly learned designing and manufacturing physical objects at university with a strong focus on furniture and static objects. I then started tinkering around with microcontrollers and motors and quickly realized that this is opens up a completely new way of designing and making objects! Not only because it is fun to make things move, light up or do stuff, but because that is what our world now consists of – somehow intelligent objects and systems that we interact with or that can act autonomously.

This ultimately led me to diving also deeper into software and hardware development. From explorative prototyping to near-series development.

While I enjoy creating and tinkering with all those technologies the core has never changed – we need to think about what we are doing instead of just how we are going to build them. In the end it is all about creating a world we can all live in well and is also a joy to live in. Send an e-mail to get into contact: show

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