workshop about new concepts for notifications

The first wave of infection from Covid19 seems to be at least halfway broken. First recommendation sometime requirement of the government: Airing. In this workshop with the class for building technology at ABK Stuttgart led by Prof. Matthias Rudolph, approaches were developed on how to remind occupants of rooms. Emerged approaches ranged from open source DIY projects to playful robots or a raffle.


An object reminds the persons in the room to shock ventilate every 30 minutes. The person is then rewarded by interacting with the gripper arm. The object signals the period by flashing. The Arduino-controlled gripper arm is located at the side of its base and can be operated via rotary elements. The goal is to grab a reward during the air change period, which is 15 minutes. Once this is done, the window can be closed and the cycle starts again.


The SNIFFR is a multifunctional sensor platform. It was developed for monitoring air quality. The SNIFFR measures particles, such as aerosols, contained in the air and communicates the content of these via the universally understandable traffic light colors. This allows the user to keep track of ventilation intervals in the simplest way possible.

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